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Welcome to Skateboard School, where learning safety, responsibility, and confidence is memorable, exciting and educational. Skateboard School is committed to informing students and empowering newcomers that are interested in the electric skateboard revolution.

Skateboard Name is a project by Skateboard School to help newcomers to the electric skateboard revolution to safely, securely and efficiently register their electric skateboard for theft prevention, and to assist in loss and recovery.

Depending on the make and model, an electric skateboard can cost a few hundred dollars to more than a thousand dollars. Please note Skateboard Name is a work in progress and is in the beta testing phase.

The primary mission of Skateboard Name is for a nonintrusive (name, contact information, make, model and serial number), secure, easy to use and accessible central database for electric skateboard consumers, manufacturers,  schools, vendors, insurers and law enforcement agencies.  Skateboard Name aspires to facilitate, expedite and ensure the safe return of lost or stolen electric skateboard to their lawful owner.

Hopefully, having a sticker on the electric skateboard Skateboard Name may deter, prevent and decrease electric skateboard loss or theft. The sticker will hopefully readily inform a potential thief of an electric skateboard, that the electric skateboard with the Skateboard.Name sticker is actively registered for loss and theft prevention.

Having a car alarm does not guarantee a car will not be stolen.  Nor will a skateboard sticker guarantee an electric skateboard will not be stolen nor loss. Skateboard Name is an exploratory, experimental and theoretical attempt to deter loss and theft of an electric skateboard.

At Skateboard School, we understand the electric skateboard is still very new and unknown to mainstream consumers, academia, vendors, lawmakers, and city planners. Likewise, we expect as electric skateboards become much more affordable, more dependable, and more durable over time, more widespread mainstream acceptance and use of electric skateboards will exponentially increase. This is why we created Skateboard Name

To reiterate, Skateboard Name is a work in progress. Suggestions, comments, and inquiries are welcomed.

More information coming soon!

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